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Roman Pearce is the childhood friend of Brian O'Conner.A protagonist in The Fast and the Furious franchise, Roman is a former convict, arrested for harboring stolen cars, who won his freedom after taking down the drug lord Carter Verone with Brian.Roman Pearce was born and raised in Barstow, California.As a child, he befriended another Barstow local, Brian O'Conner.Roman and Brian grew up together, and often caused trouble together and played sports.Not unlike Brian, Roman turned to a life of crime and began stealing cars.

When Brian joined the Los Angeles Police Department, Roman presumably distanced himself from Brian, considering him the "enemy".

Two months into Brian's career as police officer, Rome was arrested for housing stolen cars in a garage.

Roman believed that Brian, who was unaware of his arrest, could've done something to help him. Roman spent three years in an upstate prison and was later released on house arrest.

He was not allowed to move beyond a hundred yards from his home, a trailer home.

He wore a monitor on his ankle leg that prohibited his movement.

Following Brian's arrest in Miami by Special Agent Bilkins and U. Customs Agent Markham, Brian agreed to help Bilkins and Markham expose and arrest drug lord, Carter Verone, if he could choose who would go undercover with him.

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