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The Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division includes a network of seven regional laboratories strategically located across the state that serve the communities of Michigan.

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One member of MSP's forensic science division, NDP grad Amanda (Buszek) Fazi ('06), is making her own mark in the state as a forensic scientist who is charged with, she said, "receiving and processing evidence for the presence of biological fluids and developing DNA profiles from evidence to compare to reference samples." Fazi has been employed by the MSP in its biology unit since graduation from college.But she didn't consider it as a career choice until her sophomore year of college when she heard a guest speaker present her work as a forensic entomologist. "I was determined to enter the field of forensic science and actively looked for graduate programs with biology concentrations." After finishing up at Wayne State, Fazi went on to receive a master's degree from Michigan State University in forensic science, which was a two-year research-based program that included a thesis project involving the development of a sequencing technique for determining sex through poor-quality and low-quantity DNA."I also had a wide variety of other experiences in grad school that helped prepare me for my career," she said.“Also, I have been published twice in peer-review journals for my research, which included helping to identify the presence of brucellosis in human remains from the 10th to 13th centuries and working with a team that recovered and analyzed DNA profiles from deflagrated pipe bombs.From the bandstand to biology "I jumped right in as a biology major and also continued playing music as an alto saxophone player in one of the WSU jazz ensembles," Fazi said."I enjoyed my science courses so much that I sought out opportunities to gain experience in biochemistry and ecology research labs." She worked part-time throughout undergrad, continued to take courses during the summers, and also volunteered at her church as a catechism teacher.

"I feel that NDP prepared me to successfully balance my studies, work, and volunteer activities throughout college," Fazi said.

Also, performing with the NDP bands helped me gain confidence to teach and speak publicly, which now are very important in my line of work." Popular Science memories Fazi recalls that as a young child her first memories of forensic science was reading about crime-scene investigation in the magazine Popular Science.

"The majority of my work is reporting to crime scenes to assist with forensic processing and evidence collection, and then to testify to my findings as an expert witness in court," said Fazi.

She notes that the driving force for her in doing her job is a passion for helping to bring justice to victims of crimes.

Her path to such a career was not necessarily a straight line, though.

After graduating Notre Dame in 2006, she enrolled at Wayne State University without a clear idea of what kind of career she would eventually pursue.

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