Sanaa lathan and omar epps dating

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Sanaa lathan and omar epps dating - Sex Chat

It's all opinion, some people want to see left, some people want to see right," Epps claimed if the movie was to continue.

As for their characters, Epps revealed that he couldn't relate to the character at all because he grew up without a father. He had a mother and a father; I grew up without a father. I don't think any of us artists/actors were popular kids; it kind of doesn't work that way. For me it's always fun to discover those characters that you don't naturally relate to versus playing characters that you can relate to," he explained.still melts our hearts every time we watch Quincy Mc Call (Omar Epps) and Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) fall in love over and over again.Now that the real life fairytale lovers are no longer with each other, fans want to know if there would be a sequel.In a new interview with Essence, Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan reveal what they have been up to since their romance ended on the hit film."Instinctively I would show the other side of love, like how Monica and Quincy didn't make it-to me it could be more interesting.It was emotional." Epps claims the movie was empowering for women, as they try to find their fairytale prince charming.

"I think it's sort of that fairytale love story for women.

Monica and Quincy had a real friendship and that's the basis of every great relationship which is really hard to do. "I just thought it was a dope script, it's really empowering for women, certain undertones of the film resonated with me also.

Lathan claims she could relate to Monica because she's a woman who believed a career could cause conflict with relationships.

As an actress, Lathan's personal life has probaby taken a few hits here and there.

"Well I'm a romantic, so I understand that kind of growing up in love and falling in love and going through the struggles of being in a relationship and how a career path can be a conflict to a relationship, or not," Lathan stated.

She added about her character, "It was a great role and I knew a good script, even early in my career I knew that those scripts don't come around that often.

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