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They reached more than $6Million in donations, which was more than what their previous album did make.

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We have done everything we can do keep the service alive.We have upgraded our servers again to keep up with the hacker attacks and growing user database.So we have decided to accept donations to keep this service totally free. Thanks There has been fire and an explosion at our hosting provider, so they are working hard to get the power back and all the servers up and running again.This is the reason for our downtime the last 24 hours.The website is up and running now (As you can see).But the stats and our online user counter is still down.

We will update with more news, as soon we hear any news from our hosting provider. Don't load our online user code on a page that use refresh code.

We are forced to disable your counter if you use this trick. If you should discover an error, please open a support ticket in the member section.

It is a free yet reliable online user service and web tracker in one.

Highly configurable look with real-time detailed web stats. We want to keep this service free but as we have reached more than 1 million users our hosting bills are getting bigger each month.

Insert a simple piece of code into your web site and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors hitting your website, all in real-time! We have decided to accept donations instead of making it a paid service.

We did get inspired to try this based on the band called Radiohead.

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