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There’s a live Humble Pie record on i Tunes, I think it’s called Live at Winterland, and that is unbelievably good.I also listen to a live album by Bill Evans, the jazz keyboard player, called Live at the Village Vanguard, which I really like.

RCM: You’ve done ten solo albums, what made this the right time to release a live record?For some, playing music is a pastime, a welcome distraction from the daily grind of every day life.For others, it’s an all-encompassing 24-7 commitment to the life altering power of rock and roll. The one common thread at the heart of his storied musical journey resides in two words: passion and authenticity.Never succumbing to the latest trends or fads, he’s always followed his own creative path, essaying a broad stylistic swath of genres including rock, pop, blues, soul, R&B and country.The man with a “restless heart” is certainly not content to rest on his laurels, that’s for sure.He’s still vital, still hungry and still has something to say. Check out exhibit A: Waite’s wonderful new CD, All Access Live, which finds the gifted singer/songwriter and his smokin’ three-piece band delivering an electrifying eight song set of balls out rockers–The Babys’ .

Rock Cellar Magazine spoke with Waite for a wide-ranging conversation touching on everything: his new solo album, his thoughts on a Babys reunion, jamming with his musical heroes Pete Townshend of The Who and Steve Marriott of Small Faces and Humble Pie to the real inspiration behind his number one solo smash, what’s the ultimate live album for you?

John Waite: Well, the one I spent the most time with was Get Yer Ya’s Ya’s Out by The Stones and also Free Live.

Then the Free live stuff from the box set: there’s a version of “Mr. Obviously, Rockin’ the Fillmore was seminal and it had an unbelievable influence on me.

John Waite: I did actually do a live album previously but it disappeared.

I made one that got signed away to Sony and they deleted it. But this one, Live All Access, is about the band suddenly becoming a great three piece band with a singer like some of those bands in the ‘70s. John Waite: Yeah, exactly, like Free and all those great bands back then when there were no synthesizers.

Back then, if somebody was gonna play keyboards it was a Hammond organ. About eight months ago we got Keri Kelly on guitar.

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