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How to find stickcam nude chats - Online sex

I’ve written and talked at length about the challenges that webcams create for parents, as well as the safety and privacy risks that they can create for our children.

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And if you’re not a member, well, you can just simply watch.Thinking about blocking Stickam on your child’s computer? Video-chatting is performed in one of two ways: by creating/joining a chatroom group where multiple people simultaneously stream their webcam feed, or by “Going Live” and launching a video-chat room where you’re the center of attention as random users watch your live webcam feed.Interestingly enough, there are “live sex” porn sites that use this exact same functionality.A quick visit to their site and it doesn’t take long to realize that Stickam isn’t a website that has your child’s best interests in mind.And I would even argue that it’s a culturally unhealthy site for your kids as well.You’ll also notice that one of those criteria is age, and another one is zip code, two pieces of personal information that Stickam requires from members.

It’s obvious that this search tool was meant to help people find other people who are in their age range or close to where they live.

But what’s also obvious is how easily online predators can use this to find young children.

The folks at Stickam make a token effort at obeying online safety laws like COPPA by requiring users to be 13 years of age or older, but as we’ve seen on Facebook, your child can easily lie about their age during the sign-up process.

All of that aside, there are a couple of key features on Stickam that I want to point out to parents so they understand why it’s so important to block this website (and category of websites – i.e.

video chatting sites) on their family computer and/or their child/teen’s computer.

Of course, like with any online-safety precaution you take in your home, these action items should be followed up with a conversation about members (and visitors) to search for other members by filtering through a few criteria.

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