Error updating bootrom polycom

14-Jul-2016 20:45 by fighter1534 5 Comments

Error updating bootrom polycom - Adult Chat Rooms

I have yet to get the 1692 to read files from the our very functional http server (we have many 96xx phones in production using it today).I noticed that File Sv Type supports values of: FTP=0 In my case 1692 is booting and after waiting at "Updating initial configuration" states "Could not contact boot server, using existing configuration". Is it just me or is the 4690/1692 very badly documented?

BTW2 The issue that you are having with the cfg file may be realted to the absence of a trailing carriage return at the end of the last line.This is common in UNIX, if an /etc/hosts file is missing the CR at the end of the last line of the file, it will not process the line.A CR is the enter key on your keyboard : P If you open the file in a program that diplays 'Visible spaces' (like Textpad), you will see all of the characters that are not usually visable (see attached).I've been checking this site for sometime, just thought i would take the time to register as im having very similar issues with the 1692.=( Im using the "February 1, 2010" edition of the 46file, which mentions it supports the "1692 telephone H.323 software release R1.00"..I am not able to upgrade a 1692 polycom to the 1.0 load. All I have in the DHCP scope is a dummy Callserver IP and an HTTP server address. I have tried it in production but can not even get it to grab an IP address there. By pressing "* to prgram" at initial boot, the # key enables the following values to be seen (will show if/what it has pulled in from DHCP) Phone (IP) Call Sv Call Sv Port Router Mask File Sv File Sv Type Boot Server User name Boot Server Password 8021.

It gets stuck looking for a 004f2e43b97file not found. Q VLANID I have 242 options set to "MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, MCPORT=1719, HTTPSRVR=x.x.x.x" and verified that the phone is pulling this information in.

I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me. Once I can get as far as you, I can help resolve the issue you are describing.

I received a 1692 today and am working with it in the lab...

Issue im having is that the phone doesnt seem to be picking up or using any of our dhcp option 242 settings (which work fine with our 9620's).

Is it true that this particular model needs all of the settings manually entered?? Does anyone have the appropriate files for this model?

I havent been able to find any files for this particular model. Edit: Also, can someone explain what the fields below are used for?

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