Dating older women pros and cons

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Dating older women pros and cons - Adult Chat Rooms

Pros of Marrying an Older Man He’s settled – Not all, but most, older men are already settled in life.They know what they want in their future and they know where they are going.

He’s got his own routine that he’s been living by for 20 years.It’s comforting to know that routine mean stability.He’s not likely to play mind games – Young men tend to want to be players.They want to load up their cell phones with girl’s phone numbers and hook up at bars and parties.They tell you they are out with the guys when really they are getting lap dances in the strip club.I’m married to a man that is 15 years older than me and to some that isn’t much of an age difference, while to others it is just downright gross.

I’ve dated a few guys my age but even as a teenager I found more companionship with those older than myself.

I’ve been asked if I was looking for a father figure and I’ve been asked why I would marry a man so much older.

Here’s why I would almost always choose an older man over a younger man.

Older men have lived life enough to know that it’s best to just say, “I’m going to a strip club tonight” or “I don’t want to be monogamous.

I’d like to play the field.” He’s life educated – An older man has already experienced many hardships and joys in life.

He’s been around the block and up the way so he’s less likely to be taken for a ride.

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