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Cybersex chat site - Online sex

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may investigate sexual solicitation or exploitation.All Internet crimes against children as well as the regulations for internet crime task forces are detailed in 42 USC § 17615.

Chat rooms are Internet forums for conversing online through instant messaging and sometimes video messaging.The purpose of chat rooms largely depends on each individual user.They can be used for simple chat, online gaming and even purely for informational purposes.Due to the increasing number of cases involving the online solicitation of minors, chat rooms have "rules of behavior" that users must follow.However, unless behavior in chat rooms is explicitly reported or specifically investigated, users may send and receive what they please.Some chat rooms have become a popular hub for sexual solicitation or "cybersex." Cybersex takes Internet chat rooms to a completely different level.

Some Internet chat rooms are used exclusively for the purpose of meeting others online and performing sexual favors by way of sexually explicit messages.

Using a chat room for sexual purposes is not always illegal, however criminal activity of this nature is not uncommon.

Under both State and Federal laws, it is against the law for minors to send and for anyone else to receive sexually suggestive photos or sexually exploitive images, text or video over an internet chat room.

Those who engage in this type of behavior can be prosecuted under state or United States Code child pornography and solicitation laws.

One of the biggest criticisms of cybersex chat rooms is that users may be unsure of the gender, age or other personal details about the person on the other end of the conversation. Both United States law and Texas state codes specifically prohibit solicitation of minors and exploitation of anyone under the age of 18, therefore such an interaction could be prosecuted as a crime, even if age was unknown at the time the crime was committed.

What if one person did not know that the other was underage? Internet-based sex crimes against children can be investigated by either state or federal officials through one of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces.

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