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Pregnants, unlike most Necromorphs, do not commonly travel in packs, however they do travel with other Necromorphs and, unlike Lurkers, can really wreak havoc when they have Slashers or other Necromorph forms accompanying them.Pregnants in Dead Space 3 are different in appearance from previous games.

When their sacks burst, they release the Swarm rather than Swarmers. They are named due to the enormous sac that extrudes from their abdominal area, the contents of which are other, smaller forms of Necromorphs which burst forth when the sac is damaged.Pregnants appear to be created by a single human corpse, albeit one that has been radically mutated.The skull's lower jaw has been detached, and what appear to be tentacles hang from the mouth.The Necromorph sports two massive arms coming out from its back, each ending in a large bone scythe, used to slash and rend an opponent in the same manner as Slashers do. You ask yourself about birth control, did we use it EVERY time??? Is she trying to trick me to find out my reaction???

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The host's human arms are fused into the massive sac that has developed on the torso. When heavily damaged, Pregnants tend to claw open their own abdominal sacs in order to release their spawn, in an effort to ensure their victim's demise.

Their sacs usually host Swarmers but sometimes they may carry deadlier payloads of creatures including Lurkers as well as small creatures composed of miscellaneous body parts, identical to those that come from Dividers.

To accommodate its great weight, the Pregnant's legs have become short, in order to balance the creature by lowering its center of mass, and the overall leg structure has been altered.

As a result, although their weight hinders their speed, they can move at a brisk enough pace to out-walk their target when they are determined.

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