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In 1363 Magnus was deposed by opposing noblemen, who recognized Albrecht Duke of Mecklenburg as new King of Sweden, the first foreigner on the country's throne. Birgitta) founded Vadstena Convent; she urged the pope to return to Rome, the kings of England and France to end the 100-Years-War. In 1397 Erik of Pomerania, Margarethe's adopted son, was elected King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway (the Union of Kalmar). In 1350 king Magnus Eriksson (until 1355 also king of Norway) abolished the provincial laws and the various city laws, replacing them by a uniform countryside law and a uniform city law; the Swedish state established its hold on legislation. Albrecht, leading an army with the intention to defeat his opponents, was taken prisoner, later released.

Swedish society came under a strong influence of (lower) German civilization and of the church; this is reflected in the many loanwords Swedish language took over from German and Latin. In 1434 a rebellion, lead by Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, broke out in Dalarna. King Erik had no children; disregarding the treaty that created the union of Kalmar, he promised succession to his cousin Bogislav IV. When Erik failed in his attempt to gain Schleswig (1423-1424) and Lübeck imposed trade sanctions on Erik's Scandinavian kingdoms, matters only turned to the worse. In addition, Erik, by continuing the policy of reduction (the crown claiming lands alienated, i.e. These policies antagonized both clergy and nobility of Sweden. In addition, Erik violated the indigenate, the rule that only Swedes qualified for administrative posutions in Sweden; being a native German, Erik appointed many Germans, but also Danes and even an Italian to such positions. The Statute of Alsnö of 1279 exempted nobles who kept a castle and horse from paying taxation; thus introducing feudalism to Sweden.

The church was another pillar of royal power; the construction of Uppsala Cathedral was begun in 1270.

Royal stone castles were built in many strategically imported places, an expression of royal power, a power which was intensified in the provinces of mainland Sweden, where the difference between Goetar and Svear lost significance, and in colonized Finland.

In her later years, Margarethe got in conflict with the Swedish church, because she ignored the right of the Swedish cathedral chapters to elect their respective bishops, nominating her own candidates and having them appointed by the popel King Erik, after failing to come to an agreement with the Swedish church, continued that practice.

A major political success was the acquisition of Gotland in 1409 from the Teutonic Order, by paying the latter her expenses for the expedition against the pirates who controlled Visby in 1398.

German miners from the Harz region immigrated to Sweden, bringing valuable knowhow. Queen Margaretha's adoptive son Bogislav, who took on the Swedish name of Erik, in history named Erik of Pomerania, ruled since 1397, alone since 1412.

She herself moved to Rome, where she spent the remainder of her life. In the 13th century, Sweden became an important supplier of iron and copper for the European marked; the Stora Kopparberget copper mine traces her origin back to 1288.

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