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And what happens when we take from God what is His?

This commandment continues the trend of telling us how we should treat others (or not treat them, in this case). (NLT)The first four commandments really have a lot to say regarding our relationship with God.The remaining commandments tell us more about how we treat one another.Stealing is an incredibly selfish act that does an immense amount of damage to everyone involved.Some people think that stealing is a victimless crime, because it's just things. In fact, less than half of Americans today couldn't even name half of the 10 commandments. For many people they're just a list of "thou shalt nots." Old fashioned bible talk that has as much relevance to modern day life as a butter churn.

By Kelli Mahoney The eighth commandment is one that most people learn…Christian or not. This is a commandment that definitely comes with worldly ones, too.

It doesn't just come with spiritual consequences, though.

Yet, stealing not only means taking something you didn't earn, but it also can cause people to feel vulnerable and less safe, even if they weren't physically harmed in the theft. For instance, if we have successes in our lives, we need to give due credit to God. When we pull people away from God, we are stealing His people. In some countries, if you are found stealing you may lose a body part or be whipped to near death. However, in most cases it can mean a criminal record that can impact your ability to get a job or even in jail or prison time. It is an utter violation of a relationship to steal from someone you know.

Stealing is not, however, limited to worldly possessions. Even if you aren't stealing from them, how do they know they can trust you if you steal?

Relationships are build on a foundation of trust and honesty.

Even the appearance that a we can't be trusted means relationships can shatter.

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